Alric Wulford

Brave Explorer and Governor of Wulford


Tall and thin, Alric resembles the masts of the ship he sails. With a great billowing white beard and a sun-tanned, bark-tough face, the rest of him is quite seaworthy as well.


Brave Alric has explored more of the Gemmali coast than he’s seen of his own homeland in Te’nedra’asul. He is the captain of the Lonely Leviathan, a Pyr’nam vessel made for exploration and quick transportation. During his travels, he searched and searched for bountiful new areas for expansion. When he laid eyes upon the gentle green hills of the northernmost island of the Shattered Isles, he knew at last that it was time to retire from the sea and make his way to land. He approached the Senate of the Zelar Alliance to request funds and assistance for founding a new colony on the unexplored island, to which they graciously acquiesced.

Alric Wulford

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