Bardoc Dole

Quiet Tavernkeeper and Stalwart Explorer


Broadchested and tall enough to be described as ‘looming’, Bardoc’s heavy accent and red hair clearly label him a Kil’harim native.


Alric’s oldest and truest friend, Bardoc has spent many years aboard the Sassy Lass, adventuring and exploring the Shattered Isles. It was only natural that when Alric set off on his last and greatest adventure, founding the town on Tropis Isle, Bardoc came along as well.

As the quartermaster and chef for Alric’s crew, Bardoc thought it smart to use his skills to open the first tavern in Wulford. He resides in the back of the tavern with his wife Sienna, who is Alric’s sister, as well as their children, Ami, Toni, and Juli.

Bardoc Dole

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