Isara Mendahir

Reserved Healer and Apothocary


Isara has the innate beauty of an Ysmurian elf; tall, lithe, and dark haired. While quiet and graceful, the bells she wears woven into her hair herald her approach far before she can be seen.


Isara Le’astra was born during the beginning years of the Ysmurian empire. The Elven propensity for magic was strong in Isara, and she has developed quite a talent for healing wounds and soothing ills.

Rumors are that she was exiled from Ys’mur for an unknown reason. She joined the colony when word went out that a skilled healer were needed, having lived in the Alliance territory for many years with her husband, Jake Mendahir. The two have a son, Jimmy, who is an apprentice carpenter working under Taron Hillcrest.

Isara Mendahir

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