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    Locations in the world of [[Telamarra]]

    Colonies of the [[Shattered Isles]] and [[Gemmali]]

    • [[Wulford]]
    • [[Reynosa]]
    • [[Garul]]
    • [[Herid]]

    Cities of [[Ys]]

  • Garul

    Garul, was the first town established on the [[Shattered Isles]]. The explorers venturing through the winding channels of the Isles required a place to restock and rest, and the natural harbor of [[Perundi Island]] was an obvious choice for a …

  • Herid

    Herid is small colony located on the [[Coast of Bones]]. Founded by an adventurer and mage, Cyrus Baines, by request and support of the [[The Senate of the Zelar Alliance|Senate]]. It mainly subsists by agriculture, taking advantage of …

  • Ys'mur

    Ys'mur, Jewel of the [[Ysmurian Imperium|Imperium]] is the oldest surviving city in the world. It is the seat of the Venati line of Emperors, stretching back to [[Arroghia Venati|Arroghia the Proudfather]]

    • Climate: Desert
  • Ze'rinda

    Ze'rinda was the first new city founded after the destruction caused by [[The Shattering]]. Built on the destroyed ruins of an unnamed city from pre-Shattering, complex tunnels run beneath the city proper. * Climate: Temperate forest * Population: ~8, …

  • Vel'aludra

    Vel'aludra was built on and around the [[Kor River]] in the heart of the [[Vel Desert]]. It is the meeting place of the [[Tribes of Vel]], and though there are several people who would call the city home, only a small amount of people actually permanently …

  • Te'nedra'asul

    Te'nedra'asul * Climate: Continental * Population: ~11,000 * Ruling body: [[The Tensa Monarchy]] * Affiliation: [[Zelar Alliance]] * Leading Industry: Quarries