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  • Reynosa

    Reynosa was founded by a large contingent of people from all over the [[Zelar Alliance]], making it the first colony on the [[Gemmali]] mainland, as well as one of the most diverse regions in the Alliance. The abundance of iron, coal, and other …

  • Ze'rinda

    Ze'rinda was the first new city founded after the destruction caused by [[The Shattering]]. Built on the destroyed ruins of an unnamed city from pre-Shattering, complex tunnels run beneath the city proper. * Climate: Temperate forest * Population: ~8, …

  • Telamarra

    The Elvish word for the known world. A portmanteau of the gods [[Telam, God of Balance|Telam]] and [[Marra, God of Love|Marra]], the term is found in one of the oldest surviving tomes from the Ysmurian libraries.