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  • Peoples of Telamarra

    Races of Telamarra:

    • [[Elves]]
    • [[Humans]]
    • [[Dwarves]]
    • [[Halflings]]
    • [[Half-orcs]]
    • [[Half-elves]]
    • ​​​​​​​[[Gnomes]]
    • [[Tieflings]]
    • ​​​​​​​[[ …

  • Elves

    The predominant race during the time immediately after the [[The Shattering|Shattering]], the Elves of [[Telamarra]] long dominated all technological, cultural, and societal innovations. From the imperial capitol of


    Perhaps the most plentiful race on [[Telamarra]], Humans have also proven to be quite resilient. Surviving the [[The Shattering|Shattering]] due to the protected region of the inner [[Vel Desert]], the humans of the [[Tribes of Vel]] were the first …

  • Dwarves

    The Dwarves of [[Zel'aran'drial | Zel'aran'drial]] are a secretive and scarce race, with few choosing to leave their halls beneath the [[Andrial Mountains]]. Though little involved in the current age of exploration, their support in the war with the [[ …

  • Half-orcs

    The only race native to [[Ys]] that remains present after the [[Ysmurian Imperium | Ysmurian Imperium]]'s rise to prominence besides the [[Elves]], the free Half-orcs of [[Telamarra | Telamarra]] were driven to the bitter cold mountains and hills in the …