Timeline of Major Events

  • Unknown time in the past – The continent of Gemmali is Shattered, creating the Shattered Isles and leaving Gemmali in ruin. Thick ashfall covers the world, darkening the sky and blocking the second sun from view other than at sunrise and sunset
  • Unknown years after the Shattering – Ys’mur, founded by Arroghia the Proudfather, is the first civilization to recover from the fallout of the Shattering
    Year 0 of the Ysmurian Calendar (YC) – The Ysmurian calendar begins, very few written records survive from previous times
  • Year 12 YC – Ysmurian ships reach Gemmali, finding no survivors
  • Year 14 YC – Arroghia declares himself the Savior of Elfkind, establishing the Ysmurian Imperium
  • Year 22 YC – Ze’rinda is founded by the Ysmurian Imperium
  • Year 26 YC – Surviving tribes of humans are found in the Vel Desert on the continent of Zel’aran’drial
  • Year 27 YC – Dwarves, Gnomes, Tieflings, Halflings, and other races are found in small, insular pockets on Zel’aran’drial
  • Year 33 YC - Arroghia dies from a magical accident. Foul play is suspected

    • Dusturil Daggerheart, son of the Proudfather, takes over as emperor

    • Year 38 YC- Nea’threi is founded by the Ysmurian Imperium
      Year 49 YC – Pyr’nam is founded by the Ysmurian Imperium
      Year 50 YC – Nomadic humans of the Vel Desert build the Tower of Aludra in the center of Zel’aran’drial
      Year 55 YC – Vel’Aludra, meeting place of the Tribes of Vel, officially becomes recognized as a sovereign nation by the Imperium
      Year 63 YC – Te’nedra’asul is founded by Imperium dissidents
      Year 65 YC – The Ysmurian Imperium declares war on the rebels of Te’nedra’asul
      Year 69 YC – The Tribes of Vel join the war on Te’nedra’asul’s side
      Year 72 YC – Kil’Harim is found by the Tribes of Vel as a permanent settlement, a first for the nomads
      Year 77 YC – Emperor Dusturil falls ill
      Year 78 YC – Vel’Aludra is sacked by the Imperium
      Year 79 YC – The Aludran Miracle occurs, the Imperium’s forces are defeated
      Year 80 YC – The rest of the Imperial Army surrender at Pyr’nam

    Pyr’nam declares independence from the Ysmurian Imperium
    Year 81 YC – The Treaty of Kil’Harim is signed, limiting the Empire to the Ys continent
    Year 84 YC – Dusturil succumbs to his illness

    Tanis the Tormented succeeds his father as Emperor
    Year 89 YC – The second sun is visible during midday, the people take this as a sign that the ash is retreating
    Year 101 YC – Urth’naga is founded by the Ysmurian Imperium
    Year 125 YC – The races of Zel’aran’drial form the Zelar Alliance
    Year 127 YC – First explorers probe the Shattered Isles for survivors
    Year 133 YC – Garul established as a trading post and hub for ships in the Shattered Isles
    Year 155 YC – Tanis the Tormented begins his decent into madness
    Year 214 YC – Cyrus Baines born in Garul
    Year 221 YC – Reynosa is founded by the the Zelar Alliance
    Year 247 YC – Herid is founded by Cyrus Baines, with support from the Zelar Alliance
    Year 248 YC – Wulford is founded by Alric Wulford, with support from the Zelar Alliance

Timeline of Major Events

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