The predominant race during the time immediately after the Shattering, the Elves of Telamarra long dominated all technological, cultural, and societal innovations. From the imperial capitol of Ys'mur, the Elves swiftly recovered from the devastation, forming the Ysmurian Imperium led by Emperor Arroghia Venati

Currently restricted mostly to Ys, it is rare to see full blooded elves beyond the borders of the Imperium. Those that do journey out are mostly exiles, outcasts, or degenerates of some kind.

All Elves have a natural disposition towards magic, and their devastating prowess during the war contributes in some part to the wariness of magic exhibited by the people of Zel'aran'drial.

Elves do not get along with most every other race, considering themselves superior due to their influence on events after the Shattering. Elves in Ys have an extreme dislike of Half-elves, considering them monsters due to their obvious association with Elven enemy number one, Humans


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